At Merchants Retail Partners, we think about real estate a bit differently than everyone else. We think real estate is something to be nurtured and developed, sustained and grown, for continued success. That’s why we approach every opportunity, every project with a long-term vision. We realize our decisions will have a lasting impact on each partner, tenant and community. So we do our homework. We analyze every aspect of each acquisition and development plan. We incorporate best-in-class marketing, leasing and asset management practices. We realize tomorrow’s vision by taking smart, responsible actions today.





At the heart of every investment is the impact it will have on our community, retailers and investors. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously. That is why we take a hands-on approach to every investment, utilizing our wealth of experience and expertise in finance, development and construction at every touch point. We begin with our metrics and market trajectories to gauge viability and develop an investment approach and business plan. We conduct ongoing analysis of each investment, ensuring important information is brought to light in order to guide more informed investment decisions. We follow proven processes and redundancies to minimize errors. In short, we approach every investment with our eyes open and a promise to take each investment to highest and best use.




We utilize our vast expertise to look for acquisitions and developments in primary, secondary and tertiary markets spanning from Texas to Virginia that have uniquely stable population growth dynamics to provide an employment base capable of generating above-average household incomes.



As well, we recognize that single net leased properties often provide the perfect 1031 replacement property option. We have a long history of developing single tenant net-leased assets on a one-off basis or by providing a turnkey development approach for the retailer. We are grateful to have consummated on-time and on-budget deliveries with some of the nation’s strongest net lease retailers.


We maintain close relationships with some of the nation’s largest Qualified Intermediaries that hold capital gain income from the sale of commercial assets. These partnerships have enabled us to help facilitate 1031 tax exchanges for investors needing the replacement property investment in order to defer capital gains taxes.

We also forge strategic alliances in order to provide investment opportunities to IRA investors. With over $6 trillion residing in IRAs, we believe a high-quality commercial portfolio is a vital and preferred asset class to be housed in an IRA.


What’s more, we believe in leveraging and harnessing the power of technology. Recent legislative changes will result in investment portals and crowd funding options to provide IRA investors transparent access to commercial, institutional-grade real estate investments. While this is still in the early developmental stages, it is a systemic change we feel will present a wealth of opportunities in which we are already capitalizing.



The MRP team has extensive experience acquiring and developing assets across the Southeast and Texas:


• Mixed-Use• Open-Air Fashion• Grocery-Anchored• Community Center• Enclosed Mall• Multifamily

By combining our experience, expertise and processes, MRP has seen many successes.




Here are a few examples:

Protective Center, 2801 Hwy 280 South, Suite 345, Birmingham, AL 35223